Case Studies


Pmo partnership – intake, estimating, scoping, and migration execution.

Customer Situation

$1B Security Software firm has been transforming its business model. Migrating product platform, corporate applications, and subscription clients onto AWS and Azure cloud. This client had no prior internal PMO or central project management delivery function. The Engineering and IT Departments have historically been opposed to project management resources and any type of PMO governance. This historically has created inefficiency in the hands of the engineers, IT and communication to executive leadership teams.

Longford Engagement

Longford was selected and successfully engaged to oversee the PMO intake, estimating, scoping and migration execution. Also, serving as the Partnership PMO for all product and IT enterprise projects. Longford has also supported two acquisition integration initiatives. Creating a mature template and approach for future business acquisitions.

Longford and Client Partnership

This 3+ year ongoing PMO partnership with Longford has created a predictable and mature project delivery model for the client. Adding accelerated tools and project playbooks have been developed to help with the sustainability and matrix reporting capabilities. Both the Engineering and IT departments are now delivering 92% of projects on time and on budget. Before this partnership, the performance was 22% to target.


Transformation of Core Business Systems–
From strategy and architecture, through implementation and support

Customer Situation

A $2B manufacturing and services company in Massachusetts needed to transform their entire technology platform from legacy systems to modern business systems that would allow them to scale and gain competitive advantages.   This included selecting and implementing a core ERP system that addressed 75% of their core business system needs, and then building customized solutions that integrate and bolt onto the new ERP to address their niche industry and business needs.

Longford Engagement

Longford was brought in early on in this process to build a consulting team of Enterprise Architects. The EA’s helped build and design the strategy and architecture for the project, as well as helping to select the right PaaS solution so they could easily build and scale the customized solutions in minimal time.

Longford was also leveraged to build out development teams for Mulesoft integrations, as well as Data and Reporting consultants for migrations and creation of new reporting and analytics functions. There were also Longford consultants brought in to help manage different aspects of the projects and provide business analysis & business process re-engineering services.

Longford and Client Partnership

This partnership has been in place for over 5 years and is now continuing into a new Supply Chain software selection and implementation. Through the partnership, Longford has gained an intimate understanding of our customer’s projects, their culture, and how to best provide consulting solutions quickly and accurately.


Develop and Build Enterprise IT Delivery Model

Customer Situation

Emerging Biotech company has partnered with Longford to mature and transform its enterprise IT delivery model. This client had no prior internal governance, approach or central project management delivery function. The Head of IT identified inefficiencies with having software vendors, internal business stakeholders and IT staff fractionally managing large enterprise application transformations. Most all projects would arrive over schedule, budget and poor imagery of the IT departmental capabilities.

Longford Engagement

Longford was selected and successfully engaged to oversee ERP, HCM, LIMS, eLN, RIM and SDMS programs. Also, serving as the Partnership PMO for all project resourcing, prioritization, estimating and budgeting for the company.

Longford and Client Partnership

This partnership has spanned 18 months. The company has grown from 350+ employees to 725+ within this time. The Head of IT is far better integrated into the C suite and seen as a true digital leader. Longford has helped mature the delivery expectations and outcomes. Longford built accelerated tools and several project playbooks for differing levels of project and programs. The client and Longford are also working on Commercial launch readiness and implementation. FDA approval likely late 2022.


Enterprise-Wide Project and Program Management

Customer Situation:

Top 5 largest global pharmaceutical company has partnered with Longford to provide a studio resourcing model for multiple global digital, cyber and enterprise technology initiatives. This client has a very mature project intake and PMO framework. Utilizing both Agile and Waterfall methodologies. The client would typically resource one project with one project coordinator or PM. The CIO found this to be very costly and didn’t create the maturity model he needed to delivery high value global initiatives. Longford has partnered with the CIO and Head of Global Delivery to provide very experienced Program Managers that oversee and drive 5-7 global projects or programs. This has decreased resource onboarding and transition requirements, while increasing the experience and capabilities to deliver within Commercial, R&D, Tech Ops and G&A initiatives.

Longford Engagement:

Longford was selected and successfully engaged to oversee Divestitures, M&A, FDA audit remediation, ERP, QMS, LIMS, eLN, RIM and Commercial launch programs.

Longford and client partnership:

This partnership has spanned three years. The company has had two CIO leaders’ transition within this time. Longford has continued their delivery partnership throughout both of these transitions. The Head of Global Delivery has a smaller and more capable team with far less resource turn over.

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