Entry-level, and out of a job. When companies derail, each employee is put into a predicament. For those who are starting out, however, the hole they need to climb out of can seem far deeper.

I was recently working with a start-up that seemed to have solid backing, whose work was heavy on the intrinsic value factor. This group did a great job to build their team as a combination of experienced folks well established in the community, with a number of sharp entry level engineers.

Unfortunately, this particular group was blindsided by a loss in VC funding and had to shut down operations in a week. These entry-level engineers were left ultimately with mere months of experience and a time crunch to find a new position. As we started working with these folks in establishing a plan moving forward, I realized that many of them were understandably unfamiliar with the subtleties of a career search.

Below is a quick guide to trade insights and advice that can help as an initial career guide.

Career Search Guideline